7 Idols That Have Blank Canvases for a Face

Makeup totally transforms their image.

It’s difficult for one person to be able to pull off multiple looks, but there are some idols who look completely different depending on their makeup.

Here are 7 idols who naturally look like innocent puppies, but completely transform into charismatic beasts when they put makeup on:

1. BaekhyunEXO

EXO’s Baekhyun’s image completely changes depending on the makeup he wears.

He looks lovable and sweet without makeup on, but with it, he looks sexy and charismatic.

2. SeulgiRed Velvet

Seulgi never fails to pull off a chic look when she performs on stage.

But once she wipes off her eyeliner, she looks cute and innocent.


Jennie is naturally both cute and sexy so makeup only accentuates that even more.

She wears light makeup for a cute look on variety shows and heavier makeup for a sexier look during music performances.

4. JiminBTS

Jimin is well-known for looking completely different on and off stage.

Just by simply changing his makeup and getting rid of his bangs, he suddenly has a “bad boy” image.

5. Chungha

Chungha is so sexy when she puts on charismatic performances on stage, so when she is spotted on a normal day, she’s almost unrecognizable.

She’s also known to pull off various looks on stage depending on her makeup.

6. Taeyeon – SNSD

Taeyeon has the skin of a baby’s bottom which gives her a youthful look.

But once she applies makeup, she transforms to flaunt a variety of charms.

7. Hwasa – MAMAMOO

Hwasa is known to always wear red lipstick and thick eyeliner which give off a strong image.

But once she wipes it all off, she looks like a friendly neighbor you can just approach casually.

Source: Insight
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