7 Idols who’s lightning-fast reflexes were caught on camera

It seems like their rigorous dance training and activities have done something to these idols who are known for their quick reflexes. 

In fact, a number of celebrities have been captured one camera for displaying incredible feats of alertness onstage for a performance and at fan events and broadcasts.

Girls’ Generation’s Sunny is one of the classic examples for having quick reflexes after managing to kick a pen back to place subtly in the middle of filming.

Fellow member Taeyeon, on the other hand, seems handy when it comes to concerts, having managed to capture a fan’s gift in one fell swoop.

SHINee, however, are described as cool artists onstage as they gradually react to the scattered props around them whilst performing. Onew was captured adjusting their choreography to kick the props away.

Fellow member Jonghyun also had a similar situation during the same stage!

EXO’s Kai casually catching his hat during a dance practice.

NCT’s Mark also made an amazing catch quickly mid-performance.

Last, but not the least, this security staff got praise for his quick catch after Roy Kim almost dropped his phone at an airport.

Source: Daum Cafe