7 Photos of BTS’s V In His New Beanie Proving Real Men Wear Pink

It’s not always easy being ahead of the fashion curve, but BTS‘s V proved that nothing could stop him and that real men do indeed wear pink.

V was spotted wearing a hot pink beanie, which featured a picture of a cute emoji with a blank expression on its face. While the hat definitely provided some warmth for his head in the cold winter weather, V didn’t seem bothered at all and he continued to smile and joke around with fans throughout the event.

In addition to the pink hat, he also wore a puffy black Puma jacket with a matching black turtleneck sweater underneath. Although the bright hat didn’t look like it’d go well with his dark outfit, V has a way of making anything he wears look good.

Check out the adorable photos of V and his cute hot pink beanie in the photos below:

V smiled at fans with his hot pink beanie.
V looked to the side as he showed off his hot pink beanie.
V smiled at fans while pointing at his hot pink beanie.
V turned to the side as fans see him rock his hot pink beanie.
V jokingly pulled a funny expression at fans while holding a stuffed toy.
V rocked the hot pink beanie look.
V made eye contact with a lucky fan as he smiled warmly at her.