7 Photos of TWICE’s Dahyun That Display This Unique Quality of Her Skin

TWICE‘s Dahyun may have top notch visuals, but there is one very unique thing about her skin that you may have never noticed.

Although still considered a rookie idol, Dahyun has already made a name for herself, in part due to her sublime visuals. Her beauty is the perfect combination of cute and charming. Recently, fans have noticed something very special about Dahyun that had slipped by everyone until now.

Dahyun’s skin has the remarkable ability to not reflect the flash coming from a camera. There is no need for makeup to reduce shine or to control flashes when Dahyun’s skin does that naturally. It’s no wonder that Dahyun is considered one of the prettiest idols around! This uncommon feature of her skin definitely adds to the list of Dahyun’s many charms.

Check out photos of Dahyun below:

No flash in sight!
Dahyun’s visuals are truly top notch.
Even with all the lights around her, Dahyun’s skin remains free of the flash.
Even when unprepared for the camera, Dahyun still photographs well.
Dahyun’s unique appearance has won everyone’s hearts.
Dahyun truly is the queen of candid pictures.
Dahyun has what other’s pay for, that matte skin look.