7 pictures of Seulgi’s extremely short skirt

Red Velvet‘s Seulgi looked amazing in this short, form-fitting black dress.

Photos of Red Velvet’s Seulgi’s sexy black dress are resurfacing online, from red carpet at Melon Music Awards in 2015. The idol appeared on the red carpet wearing a skintight short black dress that clung to her curves perfectly. The dress showed off the Red Velvet member’s lean figure, and the sky-high hemline revealed her long legs. Seulgi and the rest of Red Velvet killed it at the performance and took home the award for Best Dance Female Artists.

Red Velvet released their third mini album, Russian Roulette, this past September. The title track led to their first music show win. Check out Seulgi’s jaw-dropping black dress!

Seulgi shows off her killer legs.
Seulgi rocks a little black dress.
She looks absolutely dreamy.
The turtleneck dress is sophisticated and elegant.
The members of Red Velvet look classy and beautiful at the Melon Music Awards.
Seulgi proves that turtleneck dresses are stylish. She wears it like a model.
Seulgi looks absolutely amazing in this sexy dress.
Seulgi looks absolutely amazing in this sexy dress.


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