7 Pictures Prove SWITCH Gayoung Is The Sexiest Maknae You’ve Ever Seen


Switch‘s youngest member Gayoung has already received praise for her S-Line. When the group debuted with Dam Entertainment in 2014, Gayoung quickly became a name mentioned in discussions about idols with the best bodies. Their debut song, “Bikini”, also allowed Gayoung to show off how sexy she is.

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Gayoung is so irresistible that she has been able to have a photoshoot with Maxim Korea. She also shows off her sexy side on her Instagram account. While most of her updates are glimpses into her day-to-day life, her sexy uploads are some of her most well-known posts.


Gayoung is officially considered one of the group’s vocalists but her sexy poses and dancing definitely makes a case for her being a part of the dance and visual lines too!