7 Sides of BLACKPINK Jisoo Caught On Camera

BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo shows that she can go from stunning to silly in a matter of minutes.

Despite only debuting recently, BLACKPINK’s Jisoo has already gained attention from fans for her sweet looks and kind personality. It was recently noticed that she has always been incredibly kind to others since her school years, but these GIFs show that she has many more sides to her personality that we don’t see as often.

Mature and Professional

Jisoo lets her serious side come out when she performs onstage. She always looks professional while still maintaining a sexy and mature image when she performs.


Jisoo always makes perfectly seductive and sultry faces in BLACKPINK’s MV’s. Her captivating looks can capture anyone’s attention.

Cute and Bubbly

Jisoo showed her cuteness and aegyo during her recent appearances on Radio Star and Running Man. She’s not afraid to let her weirder side show!



Jisoo is the ultimate master of expressions. She showed this perfect longing expression in a commercial with iKON.


Jisoo perfectly shed tears in Epik High‘s MV for “Spoiler.” She showed her amazing acting abilities throughout the video.


Whether she’s on or off stage, Jisoo always shows her unique charms!

Cutely annoyed

Even when she’s totally over Lisa’s teasing, Jisoo is annoyed in the cutest way ever. Look at that nose scrunch!