These 7 Stars Were Cast on the Streets Before They Debuted

Their visuals must have really stood out.

Most stars audition for agencies after seeing recruitment notices, but some get cast on the streets.

Since this kind of opportunity is only possible for those who really stand out, it could be implied that those were cast on the streets had outstanding visuals.

Here are the 7 stars who stood out so much that they were cast on the streets:

1. EXO‘s Sehun

Back in elementary school, Sehun was eating spicy rice cakes on the streets when he was approached by a casting manager.

He explained that the strange man kept asking for his mother’s phone number, so he told him, “My mom told me not to give our phone number to strangers.

After much convincing, Sehun ended up giving him his number, which led to him being contacted by SM Entertainment.

Following his 4 years as a trainee, he debuted as a member of EXO.

2. BTSJin

BTS’ Jin also became a star after getting cast on the streets.

In the past, Jin revealed that he was cast on the streets by someone from SM Entertainment, but that he ran away.

After that, when he was studying for his college entrance exam, he got cast by someone by Big Hit Entertainment while he was on the streets, and then went on to debut with BTS.

3. Seo Hyun Jin

The respected actress, Seo Hyun Jin was initially cast on the streets by SM Entertainment and then debuted as a singer.

She received an offer due to her outstanding looks and debuted with the girl group, M.I.L.K, and even received praise for her singing ability.

This led her to try out musicals which became a stepping stone to her acting career.

4. EXO’s Baekhyun

EXO’s Baekhyun really wanted to become a singer so he went to countless auditions, but unfortunately, he was disqualified.

As a result, Baekhyun gave up on his dreams and went to the practical exam center to enter a college of music.

When he was warming up, he was cast by an employee from SM Entertainment and went on to debut with EXO.

5. Jung Ryeo Won

The actress, Jung Ryeo Won also debuted after getting cast on the streets.

Jung Ryeo Won, who used to live in Australia, visited Apgujeong Rodeo Street where she was cast by Lee Sang Min.

When Lee Sang Min spotted her, he asked, “Are you interested in becoming a singer?” which started her career in entertainment.

6. Infinite‘s Sungkyu

Infinite’s Sungkyu was working part-time after graduating high school when he got cast.

A customer asked him, “Do you have a favorite singer?” to which he replied, “Nell“.

That customer turned out to be Nell’s manager, who helped him enter Woolim Entertainment and debut with Infinite.

7. Bong Tae Gyu

Bong Tae Gyu appeared on Yu Huiyeol’s Sketchbook where he surprised everyone by saying, “You probably won’t believe me, but I was cast on the streets.

He revealed that back in 2000, he was looking for a job during a gap year after high school when he was cast on the streets.

He said he only auditioned because he needed money, but he actually passed through.

Source: Insight