7 Things You Should Avoid On A First Date According To Koreans

Koreans were polled to find out what they consider to be the worst questions to ask on a blind date and these are the top 7.

For some, blind dates can be a thrilling experience, but they can be terrifyingly awkward if you don’t know how to go about them. It’s natural to ask many questions about your date in an attempt to get to know them better, but there are some subjects that many believe are better left untouched.

These are 7 of the worst questions to ask on a blind date according to Koreans:

1. What does your father do?

Somi‘s father might look like a bodyguard here but he’s actually a photographer and actor.

In Korea, it’s considered unusual and crass to ask this question on a first date.

2. What are your religious beliefs?

Each religion is different so it is acceptable to briefly mention religious beliefs in passing. If you try to dig deeper, though, it may cause your date to become uncomfortable. Your date may become confused whether you decided to meet them on a blind date or for evangelism.

3. What political party do you support?

Of all the possible conversation topics, politics is definitely the most touchy. If you’re interested in not offending your blind date, then avoiding the topic of politics might be a good idea.

4. What do you think of me?

A person with a strong personality may come off as very straightforward and direct, but some people may become frustrated if you get right to the point at the first meeting. It is much more logical to try to not place any burden on your date when meeting them first the first few times.

5. How much do you weigh?

Many women are hesitant to reveal their weight to anyone, even a significant other. This is part of the reason that Korean women in general, believe that they are overweight, even when they weigh only 50 kg (110lbs). Keeping this in mind, no woman would ever dare to reveal her weight on a first date.

6. How many exes have you had?

Yoo Jae Suk asks “Is this something we really need to know?”

No matter how much you care about it and how badly you want to ask, this is a question to never ask on a first date. There’s nothing you can do, whether that person had previously dated 10 people or no one. There’s no prize for having more or less. Asking for love stories from their past is not a good start for a new relationship.

7. How much money do you make?

Money is always a touchy subject and your date might become offended if you ask what they earn on a first date.

Source: Insight, DongA