7 Times BTS Was Extra AF At The Melon Music Awards

BTS is known for their sense of humor and this year’s Melon Music Awards was certainly no exception. Just about every time the camera was trained on them, the members of BTS found something extra to do.

Here’s just a few of those times:

1. When they realized the camera is looking at them

2. When J-Hope showed everyone how to blow kisses

3. When Jin, Jungkook, and J-Hope couldn’t contain their excitement for Suga

4. When Jungkook thought he was Suga’s personal bodyguard

5. When BTS (and everyone else) had to celebrate

6. When V and RM couldn’t help but sing along to “Melomance”

7. That time V couldn’t decide whether to drink or laugh, but couldn’t do both

Bonus. When a webtoon artist said he wants to draw Jin’s handsome face