7 times Red Velvet Joy showed she’s the biggest scaredy cat of the group

We all know how easily Red Velvet‘s Joy can get startled by things, but that doesn’t make her reactions any less adorable or funny!

Red Velvet’s Joy is known for her over-the-top reactions whenever she gets startled, indeed it’s one of the things fans love her for. Fortunately for fans, Joy gets startled by a great many things these GIFs are the hilariously adorable proof.

Here are the things that startle everyone’s beloved Joy:

Sudden, loud noises

Joy’s full-body reaction to the loud bang is too adorable.

Joy can hardly contain her shock.

Joy’s whole body cutely shakes when she’s startled.

How can you not love her cute, scared expression?

Stage explosions

Loud stage explosions have caught multiple idols by surprise and Joy’s full-body reaction does not disappoint.


Joy got up close and personal with a giant beetle. She was fine at first, but when the bug suddenly moved, she got a bit frightened.

Yook Sungjae

BtoB‘s Sungjae snuck up behind Joy during an episode of We Got Married and nearly gave her a heart attack!