7 Times Stray Kids Felix’s Baby Face Didn’t Match His Manly Body

#5 is just WOW!

Over the years, Stray Kids Felix’s adorable face and physique have turned him into a walking contradiction. Fans love Felix’s gorgeous and pretty face but also enjoy his impressive and hard-earned body. Here are some moments where Felix displayed his incredible duality!

Stray Kids’ Felix

1. He is too cute when he wears berets.

But won’t let you forget that he has abs!

2. His smile is too distracting…

…but so are his arms!

3. Sometimes, he looks too precious…

…and other times, you can see how powerful he is!

4. The diamond freckle look for Cosmopolitan was gorgeous…

…and made the contrast between other photos from the shoot even bigger!

| @realstraykids/Instagram
| @realstraykids/Instagram
| @realstraykids/Instagram

5. Serving visuals on…

| Stray Kids/YouTube

…and off stage!

| Stray Kids/YouTube

6. His face seems to be the star of this outfit…

…or at least shares the spotlight!

7. He was too cute in the behind-the-scenes of the Maxident trailer…

| Stray Kids/YouTube

…but so sexy at the same time!

| Stray Kids/YouTube


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