This 75-Year-Old Grandmother Won Award At Bodybuilding Contest With Her Killer Body

She urges everyone to chase after their dreams, regardless of age.

A 75-year old grandmother has been receiving the spotlight for having won 2nd place in a bodybuilding competition.


Lim Jong So was born in 1944 and despite her elderly age of 75 years, she began exercising for health purposes.

I like exercising so I did aerobics for 35 years but I got stenosis. I wasn’t able to walk with my right leg and as a part of treatment, I began going to the gym in May of last year.

ㅡ Lim Jong So


Eventually, with regular exercise and consistent efforts, Lim Jong So managed to with the 2nd place in a bodybuilding contest, competing against women in their late 30’s and above because there was no category for the elderly.


Grandmother Lim Jong So explained that whatever you do, you must take it on with confidence and with desperation.


She concluded by encouraging everyone to chase after their dreams, regardless of age.

Everyone has dreams. But if you give up on those dreams because of old age, life becomes too meaningless. If you challenge yourself to your dreams even after aging, I believe you will be able to have a great life in your remaining time.

ㅡ Lim Jong So