8 amazing photos of I.O.I’s custom-made ‘Whatta Man’ oufits

The girls of rookie group I.O.I always look amazing no matter what they’re wearing. 

But fans absolutely fell in love with the custom outfits that they wore during their promotions for sub-unit song “Whatta Man.” The outfits consisted of a cute design that features the song title and the group’s name, as well as various logos and fonts.

As I.O.I’s first and only sub-unit, the seven-member team’s promotion period for “Whatta Man” was definitely a memorable time for both the girls and fans. With such unique and beautiful designs for the girls, fans will always remember I.O.I’s custom “Whatta Man” outfits. Perhaps the girls will wear the outfits one last time during I.O.I’s final concert in January.

Nayong wearing a red varation of the outfit.

The outfit really highlights Nayoung’s killer proportions

A great leader with a powerful aura

Chungha always brings electricity to the stage

Yoojung makes the outfit look cute with her charms

The cute design gives off different vibes on different members

Doyeon’s variation of the outfit is bold

Yoojung is too adorable