8 Female Idols Who Don’t Need To Pretend To Be Silly

While some idols feel the need to show a composed and elegant image, shes 8 girls are to let out their true, goofy self.

Don’t be fooled, these female idols are totally as silly in real life as they are on reality shows.

Girl’s Day YuraGirl’s Day Yura may be 24 years old, but her personality is not a day over 16.


Don’t be fooled by Momo’s fierce and sexy dance moves because on the inside she is a ball of sunshine.

YoojungYoojung is a cool rapper… With a very silly side. She is adorable on the inside and out.

Red Velvet JoyJoy is funny enough to be a comedian.

Mamamoo WheeinWheein doesn’t need to pretend for variety shows, all her silliness comes naturally!

Oh My Girl SeungheeSeunghee is seriously so adorable.

Apink BomiBomi’s silly personality makes it impossible not to love her.

Girls’ Generation HyoyeonNo matter how much fame she gets, Hyoyeon remains silly and down to earth.