8 Gorgeous Photos of Idols with Perfect Bikini Bodies

Take a look at these 8 idols who became bathing beauties by sharing their vacation photos on Instagram.

These ladies graced us with some of K-Pop’s best vacation shots. No one can get enough of their perfect physiques, they leave fans everywhere wanting to hit the beach along with them!

Check out the 8 beautiful idols below.

1. Girls’ Generation – Hyoyeon

This bright colored swimsuit and Hyoyeon‘s fun-loving personality created a bright and inviting vibe. Maybe that’s why she’s nicknamed the “bikini goddess”.

#chillin ?#Thailand

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???? #phuket #thailand

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2. Hyuna

Hyuna‘s rockin’ body is the envy of everyone when vacation season hits. Her dark suit and tattoo’s give off a bad girl aura.

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3. Rainbow – Jisook

Pretty Jisook showed how to strike a pose in even the most revealing of outfits. Her skinny yet glamorous shape is killer in this sporty suit.

4. Goo Hara

Goo Hara‘s aesthetic photos leave fans dying for more. Even shots of her working out are exciting and fun.

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5. Sulli

Sulli looks as though she’s 10 feet tall! Her high-waisted bottoms make her legs seem endless and the sunset behind her leaves her glowing.

6. NS – Yoon-G

While in Hawaii she posted a number of sexy bikini shots showing off her belly button piercing, caramel tan, and fantastic body. NS Yoon-G‘s smiling face says it all, she was made for the beach.

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7. Secret – Hyosung

Hyosung is the definition of sexy in her behind the scenes photoshoot for Cosmopolitan. She has worked hard to make sure she feels confident on the beach.

#COSMOPOLITAN #7월호 #화보 in Bali ?? ??

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운동끝에 낙이온다 ?????

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8. Girls’ Generation – Sunny

Here is a rare shot of Sunny that she posted while in Bali for a magazine shoot. Sunny really is a beauty to reckon with.

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