8 Idols That Made Shocking Transformations After Losing Weight

Dieting is the best type of “plastic surgery”.

There’s a saying that dieting is the best type of “plastic surgery”, and there are 8 idols who proved it.

Before their debut, they showed off a cuter look with a little more meat on their bones. But after dieting, they transformed to have more distinct features and perfect bodies.

Here are the 8 idols that proved the dramatic effects of dieting:

1. MinaGugudan

When she first appeared on Produce 101 Season 1, she had a more adorable look.

But in her recent drama, Tale of Fairy, she shocked viewers with her transformed appearance.

2. BomiApink

Bomi first debuted with a little more meat on her bones, and then later transformed to have the “wannabe” body.

In recent days, she even shared her dieting recipes on her YouTube channel.

3. Park Jihoon – (Wanna One)

When he first appeared on Produce 101 Season 2, he received a lot of attention for his adorable features.

But as time went on, he went on to show how defined his jawline actually is.

4. Seolhyun – AOA

When Seolhyun first debuted, she was known as the cute member of the group.

But after her dramatic weight loss, she gradually upgraded to a goddess.

5. Song MinoWINNER

Song Mino recently succeeded in losing 10 kilograms.

His more distinct features and defined jawline adds to his overwhelming charisma.

6. UmjiGFriend

When Umji was just 18 years old, she was quite a bit chubbier than she is now.

Fans are still shocked by the transformation she made happen with exercise and dieting.

7. JihyoTWICE

When Jihyo appeared on SIXTEEN, she was criticized for not being skinny, so she promised that she would lose weight.

She has consistently lost weight ever since and fans can’t get over her beauty.

8. Joy Red Velvet

Joy transformed drastically since her debut days.

The combination of her natural beauty and her perfected body proves how effective dieting can be.

Source: Insight