8 Korean Celebrities That Look Like Overwatch Characters

Idols’ looks are constantly being compared to other idols and stars, but some fans have noticed that these idols bear a striking resemblance to iconic characters from the popular video game Overwatch.

Overwatch became one of the most popular video games since it’s release last May, and gained notoriety for its popular character D.Va who was of South Korean decent. The phenomenon has since skyrocketed, causing comparisons between other celebrities and characters to surface.

Here are some of the hilarious and scarily accurate comparisons fans of the series have made between Overwatch characters and their Korean celebrity counterparts:

Bora – Pharah

Commitment to duty and strength are core aspects of Pharah’s character.

Bora’s power on stage and stunning features are similar to Pharah’s!

Zion.T – Junkrat

Junkrat has a look that is totally wild.

Zion.T has been compared to Junkrat by many fans – just add glasses and the character would like identical! **Source: Vouge

Cha Seung Won – Hanzo

His angry brow and mustache remind us of a certain famous actor.

Cha Seung Won would make an incredible Hanjo!

Jung Hyung Don – Mei

Mei is so sweet, but her looks are deceiving as she is also a powerful fighter!

In spite of being the opposite gender, Donnie reminds fans of Mei – the cute button nose and kind personality match Mei perfectly!

Moon Hee Jun – Zarya

Zarya also broke the gender barrier among fans, reminding them of a certain H.O.T member.

Moon Hee Jun’s unique hairstyles over the years seem to look exactly like a few of Zarya’s skins!

Yoo In Na – Tracer

Big eyes and a cunning mind brought only one star to the minds of fans.

Yoo In Na’s big eyes, high nose bridge, and intense gaze match! **Source: Goblin Behind the Scenes

Ma Dong Seok – Reinhardt

Known for his dedication to justice, Reinhardt comes built to pack a punch.

Ma Dong Seok, famous for his roles in Train to Busan and Neighbor, compares to Reinhardt well. Look at those guns!

Tae Jin Ah – McCree

McCree’s Vigilante skin brings only one icon performers look to mind.

Fans noticed the beloved Tae Jin Ah looked just like McCree!

A few of those are just uncanny!

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Source: Dispatch