8 Most Beautiful Places To See This Years Cherry Blossoms In Bloom

With the arrival of Spring, Seoul has been covered in lovely pink Cherry Blossoms and these are the perfect locations to admire the season’s beauty.

As March comes to an end, the cherry blossoms in Korea will begin their annual blossoms, making it the perfect time for those traveling to Seoul to explore some of the city’s most beautiful areas for Cherry Blossoms.

1. Seokchon Lake Cherry Blossom Festival, Jamsil

Seokchon Lake is already highly known for its beautiful scenery, but with the addition of white cherry blossoms, the lake transforms into a scene from a fairytale. Renting a rowboat is the most popular way to take in the beauty of the season, out in the middle of the lake is a perfect place to recreate the romantic “Kiss the Girl” scene from The Little Mermaid.

2. Cherry Blossom Festival at Yeouido

Seoul’s most popular cherry blossom festival is held at Yeouido every year. Here you can walk around the beautiful park and wander along the Han river while munching on the variety of snacks sold by the vendors lining the riverbank.

3. Cherry Blossom Festival at Seoul Grand Park

Seoul Grand Park offers the beautiful sight of the Cherry Blossoms without the, usually intense, crowds. The park is spacious enough for people to enjoy their time without being engulfed by a sea of people.

4. Cherry Blossoms in Seoul’s Royal Palaces

Visiting any of Seoul’s 5 palace’s are the perfect way to feel like royalty while viewing the first Cherry Blossoms of Spring. Though not all palaces contain Cherry blossoms, they contain a variety of spring flowers such as apricot blossom, maehwa, royal azalea, persimmon blossom, and peony that are beautiful to see. Heading down to any of the cities 5 royal homes (Gyeongbokgung, Changdeokgung, Deoksugung, Changgyeonggung and Jongmyo Shrine) make up some of Seoul’s more historic and culturally important buildings.


5. Cherry Blossoms in Seoul Forest

If you’re looking for a more relaxed location with smaller crowds without sacrificing any of the beautiful scenery, then the Seoul Forest is the perfect spot for you. The forest is situated right in the middle of the city and is perfect for a picnic date.

6. Inwang Mountain Cherry Blossoms

Unlike other locations, Inwang Mountain offers a perfect combination of exercise and breath-taking views. The hike up the mountain is an easy trek that takes less than 2 hours and will give you amazing views of Seoul and Cherry Blossoms.

7. Geumcheon District’s Cherry Blossom Road

Geumcheon district is the literal definition of a “flowered path” with its famous Cherry Blossom road that stretches for 3km (1.9 miles). The area can be found on the edge of the city but it’s definitely worth a trip to see the long stretch of road that combines nature with the busy city of Seoul.

8. Hapjeong Cafe Street, Hongdae

For another relaxing and calm Cherry Blossom experience involving a nice brew, Hapjeong is the place to go. Not only is the street filled with delicious coffee shops, but it is also lined with beautiful cherry blossom trees so visitors can take a break from their busy days, have a drink, and enjoy the view.

Source: Seoulistic