8 Photos of G-Dragon’s Incredible Hair Journey

G-Dragon is famous for more than just his rapping – he’s also famous for his tendency to change his hairstyles at the drop of a hat.

BIGBANG’s G-Dragon has sported countless hairstyles since his debut and has rocked them all. He has dyed his hair every color of the rainbow and has even worn hair extensions. G-Dragon is certainly a trailblazer when it comes to hairstyles.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on just a small portion of G-Dragon’s hairstyle journey.

G-Dragon is the boy next door

G-Dragon’s comparatively tame hairstyle looked so sweet!

G-Dragon’s edgy faux hawk

G-Dragon began his love affair with faux hawks.

G-Dragon’s iconic blonde faux hawk

No one can rock a blonde faux hawk like G-Dragon.

The Fantastic Baby era hair

Sometimes referred to as his seaweed hair, G-Dragon’s single extension might just be his most famous look to date.

G-Dragon’s tamago sushi hair

Even G-Dragon poked fun at himself for this one.

The more-colors-the-better hair

G-Dragon turned heads with this one.

The orange creamsicle hair

G- Dragon’s 2015 hair was one of his greatest.

G-Dragons neon green hair

g dragon photo
Who could pull this hair off aside from G-Dragon?

Which of G-Dragon’s many hairstyles do you like best?