8 Times Dreamcatcher Was Hilariously Adorable And Absolutely Weird AF

Nightmare princesses and weird cinnamon rolls? Dreamcatcher can do both.

Dreamcatcher is known for standing out in the K-Pop world with their heavy rock sound and darker concepts. But, what people who aren’t familiar with the group might not know is that they are absolute cinnamon rolls. Absolutely hilarious, weird AF cinnamon rolls, and to be honest, their fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

Here are eight times (out of many, many times) that Dreamcatcher was fun, funny, and too dang cute for words.

1. That time Siyeon was just Siyeon

2. That time Siyeon kept nudging Yoohyeon to the point that she got pushed away

3. Whatever this is 😂

4. That time Siyeon was worried about what exactly was going on behind her back

5. When the girls took pictures of a sleeping Handong

6. When a PD asked Handong who she liked best from Dreamcatcher and she chose herself

7. When they pretended to fight ✋

8. The accidental Pocky kiss moment

#8 is an especially popular moment with Insomnia, and if you ever join the fandom you’ll see gifs of that moment shared heavily across fan pages! Are you an Insomnia? Do you have a favorite moment of Dreamcatcher being, well, Dreamcatcher? 😉

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