8 Times INFINITE’s hilarious antics made fans die laughing

While the group may be underrated, INFINITE will capture your heart with their adorable antics!

The members of INFINITE are a talented group of young men. But while they’ve been praised for their hard work and professionalism, their appearances on variety shows have also revealed their silly and playful hearts to fans.

From their perfectly synced choreography to their hilarious antics, INFINITE continues to prove they are the silliest group in K-Pop. Check out some of our favorite memorable moments in the form of GIFs below:

Here we see Dongwoo in his natural state.

When the situation called for an extra chair, Dongwoo immediately rose to the challenge. He brings a chair over in a swift and flashy motion to the fascination of his fellow group members.

Woohyun is a known lover of ice cream. On the TV program M Wide ENews, he eats all the ice cream and leaves none for his fellow group member!

To other groups, INFINITE is the most fascinating group around!

Sunggyu shows his fatherly side and gets Dongwoo to settle down.

While some of their aegyo attempts are cringe worthy, other times they are actually quite charming and hilarious!

As we’ve seen before, Sunggyu is no stranger to being the “father” of the group. In this hilarious GIF, leader Sunggyu exercises his authority and keeps his fellow members in check!

It looks like Sunggyu has had enough of their adorable antics.