These child models may be the 9 most beautiful children in Korea

These child models will leave you stunned and maybe a little jealous of their perfect visuals.

Most people have to go through a horrible period of awkwardness before they can become comfortable with their looks but these child models were born gorgeous.

While some find it controversial to project beauty standards onto children, the industry for child models is only expanding. When done right child modeling can be a great growing experience and lead to a world of opportunity.

There are many child actors, dancers, and models that grow up to become successful idols. These adorable children already feel comfortable in front of cameras and are building up proper fanbases.

While not all of these children are signed to big companies, what they all have in common is their stunning visuals. These children are all uniquely beautiful and charming with bright futures ahead of them.

Juhoon Kim

Juhoon is a sporty kid who excels in soccer. This handsome 9-year-old even has his own fancafé.

Eun Chae Lee

Eun Chae is known to be one of the most beautiful little girls in the world. At 6 years of age, she has already begun a strong modeling career.

Baek Gang

Baek will be turning 6 this year. He is a fashionable youngster with a strong resemblance to his mother.

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Taeho Im

Taeho is soon to be 7 years old and shares the nickname Taek-gi with Reply 1988 character Taek, played by Park Bo Gum.

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Wooju Jeong

Wooju has garnered attention due to his uncanny resemblance to other idols.

Woojin Moon

Woojin is 8 years old and is not only a model but a child actor as well.

Gyuri Kim

Gyuri is 9 and models for many children’s brands including Stylenoriter and Guess Kids.

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Dan A

Dan A is also a model for Stylenoriter. She has appeared in ads with Wooju and has two sisters.

Hyo Jae Park

Hyo Jae is a spunky and fun-loving child model. Her mother is always posting videos of Hyo Jae smiling and eating well.