9 Examples of EXO’s Incredible Amount of Influence On South Korea

EXO has become so popular that, whether they mean to or not, they influence just about everything they touch and these are just 9 examples of their impact on South Korea.

Since their debut, SM Entertainment‘s EXO has broken records, lit up stages, and topped charts all while remaining the funny and down-to-earth people they always were. Their popularity has soared through the roof around the world, especially in Korea, thanks to their hard work and adoring fans. They are so popular, in fact, that they inadvertently exert a great influence on everything they touch.

Here are some examples of how great EXO’s influences really is:

EXO Nation

EXO most likely has the biggest entourage ever. The number of fans EXO has in South Korea alone is enough to make a new nation. EXO never fails to sell out concerts, fan meets, charity appearances and other events. Wherever they are, so are their fans.

EXO’s police monitored fan signing of 40,000 people. / Source: YULE

D.O.’s Combo Meal

D.O. has even influenced what fans were eating! When D.O. went to the movies to see an episode of EXO Showtime, he ordered a certain combo meal. Fans saw this and all ordered the exact same combo meal.

Xiumin’s Mocha Bread

When a clip of Xiumin eating mocha bread went viral, so did what he was eating. The search for mocha bread ranked #1 after Xiumin was seen eating it and everyone wanted to get their hands on some.

Xiumin enjoys his Mocha bread while fans go crazy to find it. / Source: Amino Apps

“Baekhyun Perfume”

Baekhyun showed that EXO could exert their influence through even the simple act of applying cologne. He was once seen using a fragrance called Clean. After that exposure, sales of the perfume brand rose 130%. The perfume was widely searched as “Baekhyun Perfume”, giving the perfume a new nickname that was easily found on the internet. A presentation was even made on it!

Everyone wanted to smell like Baekhyun with “Baekhyun Perfume”.

EXO Makes Other Idols Popular

EXO’s interaction with other idol groups like NCT has helped to get rookie names out. Even something as simple as another idol showing their fan love for EXO has other fans going crazy. Shin Bora once wore an EXO shirt on live television and, after her appearance, she rose to number one on search rankings.

The three shirts together say “I hope to meet my loves EXO“.

EXO’s Generosity Encourages Fans To Donate

EXO members never forget to donate to those in need. They’ve sponsored orphanages and causes for better education. As a result, fans have been more than happy to donate to the same charities they’ve donated to and other charities that have the same causes.

EXO for Unicef.

EXO is always ready to donate. / Source: Next Daily

EXO Influences Fashion

EXO’s relationship with EXO-Ls is too cute for words. Fans have gone as far as to match the style of EXO members. The members tend to wear shirts promoting different causes likes equal gender and racial rights. Fans have found their shirts online and have been representing the same messages.

D.O.’s sweater promoted gender equality

Acne Studio’s Gender Equality sweater of every style rose in sales.

EXO has to go on stage later to ensure other artists get exposure

EXO’s popularity and influence got so unbelievably high that other agencies have contacted SM Entertainment to protest EXO’s performance spot. For example, EXO was originally supposed to go first in a concert at Gocheok Sky Dome in South Korea, but when other agencies heard this, they complained, asking that EXO perform later in the show.

SM Entertainment receives countless calls requesting that EXO go on later in the concert out of concern for the amount of people who attend the concert just to see EXO.

SM Entertainment was taken back at the fact that other agencies were protesting.

EXO is #1 Worldwide

EXO was shown to be the #1 keyword in the 2016 big data of Korea’s Happiness. The data was collected through tweets but it was not only from South Korea. Japan, America, and China were also included in the data. Each country individually had EXO as the number one keyword for what makes them happy.

EXO spreads happiness worldwide! / Source: theqoo.net