These 9 Idols Were All INFPs — Do Their MBTI Personality Types Surprise You?

People with the INFP personality type are loyal, emotional dreamers.

Also known as the Mediator type, the INFP personality type represents the idealists and dreamers of the world. INFP is one of the rarest types, shared by just 4% of people—including William Shakespeare and Alicia Keys. People with this personality tend to be loyal, caring, and emotionally driven, but also idealistic, difficult to get to know, and sometimes too focused on the big picture.

After taking an MBTI personality test, these 9 idols discovered they’re INFPs—do their results surprise you, or are they are a perfect fit?

1. Jungkook (BTS)

The BTS members all had an MBTI evaluation back in 2017, and Jungkook’s result was INFP. One trait INFPs are known for is their dreamy eyes—a characteristic that certainly fits Jungkook. As fans have seen from his penchant for drawing and painting, he also has the deep creativity of an INFP.

2. Suga (BTS)

After taking the MBTI test, each BTS member rated how accurate they thought their result was. While all the other members rated theirs 3 stars or above, Suga rated his 0.5/5. So, while he does have many INFP traits, it remains to be seen whether that’s is his true type. Some fans have speculated that he’s actually an INTJ.

RM also got INFP as his result at first, but after taking the test again in 2019, his result was ENFP. That means its even more possible that Suga’s result was wrong.

3. Yeri (Red Velvet)

When Yeri was asked her MBTI type at a fansign, she responded with “great mediator”. Many fans were surprised to discover Yeri is an introvert, since she has a huge social circle. However, she does have many other INFP traits—creativity, for example, which comes out in her songwriting.

4. Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

Hyunjin revealed his INFP result on a live broadcast. Many Stays had already predicted Hyunjin’s result, since he has numerous INFP traits. He’s one of the quieter, more shy members of the group, for example. He can also be sensitive, which fits with INFPs’ tendency to emphasize their feelings.

5. Yugyeom (GOT7)

GOT7 revealed their personality types back in an old episode of Hard Carry, and Yugyeom was the only member with an INFP personality. He’s not the most introverted idol, but he does go with his heart and emotions just like the other INFPs.

6. S.Coups (SEVENTEEN)

INFP may be one of the rarest types in the grand scheme of things, but it’s the most common type in SEVENTEEN. The first of the INFPs in the group is S.Coups. Some INFP traits that he really exhibits is valuing close friendships and caring for others, especially when it comes to his group members.


Many Carats weren’t surprised to see that Jun is also an INFP, especially since Seungkwan once called him the mother of the group. His caring personality is very typical of his type.

8. Hoshi (SEVENTEEN)

Some fans think INFP fits Hoshi perfectly, while others were shocked to learn his type. He tends to come across an extrovert, but that doesn’t mean he’s not introspective on the inside. Mingyu also once described him as “full of passion”, which makes sense for an INFP with big dreams.


Last but not least, soft-hearted DK is also an INFP. He’s known for his faithful and friendly personality, so it makes sense that he got this result.