9 Korean International Models You Should Be Following On Instagram

These Korean models who live in different countries around the world show off their gorgeous looks that are unconstrained by any one particular beauty standard.

Korean beauty standards are quite particular and precise as what’s considered attractive. This handful of Instagram models has been finding success showcasing various types of beauty that may not always follow suit with traditional Korean beauty standards. They’ve amassed huge followings online with their stunning collection of photos and breathtaking beauty. Check them out below!

1. Soyeo

Just a mirror selfie – still a jaw-dropping sight!

A post shared by 띤또요💎 (@soyeo) on

A post shared by 띤또요💎 (@soyeo) on

2. Mimi Mimsy

With a Kardashian-like body and fans love it!


3. Bora Kim

This sultry model looks amazing in the latest fashion!

A post shared by BORAKIM🌬 (@pipibora) on

A post shared by BORAKIM🌬 (@pipibora) on

4. Chailee Son

Chailee is stunning in the simplest of outfits!

5. Kim Shony

With her curves and striking face, Shony looks gorgeous.

6. Lee Soo Yeon

Soo Yeon sports a toned body.



7. Krys Khloe

This smiling model is both cute and sexy!




8. Bbanana 

Sexy beyond words, and many people can’t believe she is Korean.

A post shared by 마성의 바나나 (@bba_na_na) on

9. Kim Hee Jeong

Kim Hee Jeong looks edgy and youthful in this photos!