9 Male Idols Whose Voices Don’t Match Their Faces

The voices of these nine idols don’t match their appearances at all.

These idols are known for both their unique visuals, but they have caught many off guards with their deceptively different voice. Some idols look cute and soft but have deep baritone voices. Other idols have cool looks, but surprisingly high and light voices! Here are just a few idols whose faces don’t match how they sound.

1. EXO – Chanyeol

Chanyeol is known for his sweet, innocent-looking, beagle-like appearance, but many fans also love him for his sexy, deep voice. His happy-go-lucky image definitely doesn’t match his low voice!

2. BTS – Suga

Though Suga might look cute at first, don’t let his appearance fool you! His voice becomes deep and gravelly when he raps, completely different from his usual adorable looks. When he talks, it’s even lower.

3. SF9 – Chani

SF9‘s maknae Chani has an extremely deep voice for his age. At only 17 years old, it’s surprising how dark and masculine his voice is.



This former member of C-Clown has an astonishingly deep voice, especially when he raps! TK‘s sweet looks are a huge contrast to his deep voice.

5. VIXX – Leo

Unlike the other idols on this list, Leo‘s looks are already handsome and dark, but his voice is surprisingly high and delicate.


6. BTS – V

V is famous for his gorgeously deep voice. Despite his aegyo and cute looks, he changes into a completely different person when he sings with his amazing baritone voice.

7. LC9 – Jun

There weren’t many opportunities to hear just how deep Jun‘s voice was when LC9 first debuted, but during their comeback with “East of Eden,” he was able to display his deep, seductive voice when he rapped.

8. Block B – P.O

P.O‘s “deep cave voice” is seductively deep and attractive when he raps. When he does aegyo with that low voice and his cute looks, it’s hard to resist his charms!

9. B1A4 – Baro

Baro‘s baritone voice is guaranteed to make your knees weak! Despite his sweet looks, you’ll be shocked at how deep his voice is when he raps.