9 Mixed Idols Who Definitely Won The Genetic Lottery

The Korean entertainment industry is filled with beautiful people, whether they be singers, actors or dancers, and these 9 mixed idols prove that!

1. IOI’s Somi

Somi is half Dutch-Canadian, half Korean and ALL beautiful.

2. SEVENTEEN’s Vernon

Part American and part Korean, Vernon’s visuals have been fawned over ever since his debut (and probably before!).

3. Shannon Williams

Born in Britain to a Welsh father and Korean mother, Shannon Williams was certainly born beautiful!

4. Momoland’s Nancy

Like Vernon, Nancy is half Korean and half American. Her visuals probably beat the lottery game!

5. Tia

Born to a Korean mother, and a half-Puerto Rican, half-German father, Tia’s visuals are simply jaw-dropping!

6. Samuel 

Samuel is half Korean half Mexican, and the mix came out perfectly! 

7. Chocolat’s Melanie

Part Italian-German, Melanie’s visuals pay homage to her multi-cultural background.

8. DMTN’s Simon

Born to a Japanese mother, Simon definitely won the genetic lottery. 

9. MIB’s Kangnam

Like Simon, Kangnam is half Japanese and his visuals are just as stunning!