9 Moments to Fulfill Your Fantasy of Secretly Dating a K-Pop Idol

These 9 moments show just what it’s like to secretly date a K-Pop idol.

1. Gong Yoo secretly winks at you.

When Gong Yoo secretly winks at you in the crowd and is totally shy about it.


2. Sehun gets totally jealous.

When Sehun spots someone asking for your number.


3. V calls you after work.

When V video calls you every night right before he sleeps.


4. Yoo Ah In shows chivalry isn’t dead.

When Yoo Ah In comes to pick you up after you had one too many drinks.


5. Chanyeol can’t keep his eye off you.

When Chanyeol tries his best to not look at you in the crowd, but fails.


6. Cha Eun Woo calls you on his break.

When Cha Eun Woo calls you during his short break just to say “I love you”.


7. Mingyu treats you to breakfast.

When Mingyu can’t handle your beauty while eating breakfast together.


8. Chanyeol waits for you.

When Chanyeol  anxiously waits for you to arrive.


9. V takes you home.

V makes sure you get home safely by walking you up to your doorsteps.