9 Of The Most Outrageous Outfits Of All Time Worn By SM Artists

K-Pop stylists are sometimes blamed for ridiculously wacky outfits and there’s one stylist in SM Entertainment that may deserve the blame.

The world of high fashion is a strange and eccentric world where fashion and function aren’t always in sync and outfits that no regular person would think of, become the next hit. As it turns out, SM Entertainment artists seem to be K-Pop high fashion’s guinea pigs as they can often be found in the most eccentric outfits. (Or maybe they’re only eccentric to the untrained eye, we’re not sure.)

Check out some of the most interesting outfits that have been on SM Entertainment idols below!

Red Velvet

There’s a place where function and fashion meet, and it’s FAR from here.
At some point, you just have to make your peace with wearing jean shorts… probably.
These outfits were definitely an interesting fashion choice, especially the pantsuit that dwindled away into what can only be described as a shortsuit.
We can only imagine this is what would happen if Pippi Longstocking was a K-Pop stylist for SM Entertainment.


Those brown leather pants look like they’re about to explode right the heck outta there.
This is certainly one way to make sure NCT stands out.


There’s just so much going on here, we couldn’t figure out where to begin.
TFW your outfits become the canvas for a kindergarten art class…
Taemin is probably wearing this sweater because it’s warm… Yeah, that must be it.