9 “Pics Or It Didn’t Happen” Moments When People Had Images To Prove Their Impossible Stories

When “pics or it didn’t happen” actually happened.

1. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon buying a meal for a fan!

If you are a lucky fan, you will someday run into G-Dragon in a sushi bar in New York City, but if you are REALLY lucky, maybe G-Dragon will pay for your bill at the restaurant! This happened to a fan in New York City. What a lucky fan and what a grand gesture from G-Dragon!


2. SHINee’s Minho is a big FC Seoul Fan

SHINee’s Minho is a big soccer fan and he sometimes visits the stadium to cheer for his favorite soccer team, FC Seoul! He does not mind being recognized as long as his team is winning.

Source: enewstoday


3. Taecyeon walking the streets in Europe, just like a backpacking tourist

2PM’s Taecyeon was seen walking the streets of Europe. He does not need a fancy hotel or even a tour guide. Taecyeon looks just like a regular backpack tourist from Asia, holding a big map of the city with him, while he searches for his destination. He looks quite liberated and comfortable, being able to walk along the streets without being recognized.


4. Super Junior-M’s Henry ate dumplings with fans

When Super Junior-M’s Henry visited Busan, he asked random fans to have a rock paper scissors game and when he lost, he offered to buy all of them nice dumplings from a nearby restaurant.  What a spontaneous guy Henry is!


5. IU bought snacks for her fans

IU is such a sweetheart. She started buying little snacks for her fans back in 2012, and she never stopped forgetting to buy snacks for them. IU now buys way too many snacks for her fans, almost too many for her to carry every time she visits foreign countries.


6. Park Hae Jin volunteered with fans

Park Hae Jin not only volunteers to help homeless people himself, he encourages his fans to volunteer with him. He has been handing out briquets to people in poverty for over 8 years, and now his fans are frequently volunteering with him, sharing the love together.


7. Jun Ji Hyun greeted a fan while vacationing in New Zealand

Jun Ji Hyun was so nice when she encountered a fan in New Zealand, that she signed an autograph, and even greeted the fan with a nice smile.

Source: Chosun


8. Kim Samuel helped a homeless man

Kim Samuel caught the attention of his fans after he was captured helping out a homeless person. He purchased a magazine from a homeless guy, the profits of which are allocated to help them by selling the magazine.

Source: Insight


9. Ji Sung and Lee Bo Young’s unusual honeymoon

Ji Sung and his pretty wife Lee Bo Young like to volunteer so much that they decided to volunteer for ALS in Congo, instead of going on a traditional honeymoon! Now, that’s what I call philanthropy. Shout out to this angelic couple.