9 Pictures prove why VIXX N is called “The Beautiful Killer”

VIXX‘s N is sometimes called a “beautiful killer” because of his incredible good looks and stage presence and we have the GIFs to prove it.

Each member of a K-pop group is limited to a specific amount of screentime and VIXX’s N makes sure to make the most of it with his deadly charisma. He has been garnering attention for the sexiness he exudes during his performances.

Let’s take a look at some of N’s deadly charms!

1.  His high defined cheekbones that appear when he smiles.

Even when he’s not trying to be sexy, he has this natural sensuality about him.

When performing “Dynamite”, he makes sure to slyly smile and make fans go wild for those cheekbones.

2. Each gesture he makes is full of elegance.

Even if his movements are small, he dances with fluidity and grace.

As an experienced dancer, N knows how to emphasize certain points of the choreography and execute them perfectly.

3. His charismatic gaze and captivating facial expressions

The control he has over the expressions he makes amplifies his sexiness 10x.

For the song “Closer”, his entire screen time is filled with heart-attack moments.

Even the camera couldn’t help but zoom in on N’s face!

Are you dead yet? That eyebrow raise surely killed us.

Other VIXX members also acknowledged their leader’s powerful stage presence during a recent interview for Ask In A Box. They all agreed that N was the most attractive when he’s doing gestures on stage. N revealed that his fellow group member, Ken, asked him for advice on how to smile a killer smile while performing. Ken proceeded to show off what he learned, and N imitated how Ken smiled before their lesson.

Check out the full interview below here!