9 Pre-Debut Photos of AOA’s Mina Prove She Has Been Gorgeous Since She Was A Baby

Childhood photos of Mina were recently released, and despite being known as an ulzzang in high school, fans could not believe that the AOA member was beautiful even as a toddler!

Pictures of Mina in high school have been roaming the internet since she debuted, but images of her as a baby were only recently released. With big eyes, a small face, and dark eyebrows as a baby, fans knew that Mina was destined to be a celebrity.

Check out these adorable photos of Mina when she was younger:

Mina looked like a doll!
She looked like a diligent child in her graduation pictures.
Mina’s little outfit is adorable!
Her beautiful features have stuck with her as she grew up.
Unlike many people with embarrassing pictures of the past, Mina can show these beautiful pictures of her childhood.

When attending Jaesong Girls’ Middle School in Busan, she was classmates with Apink‘s Eunji, and Eunji had revealed that she was a popular ulzzang then!

Mina knew how to pose even before becoming an idol!
The AOA member is still just as adorable today!
Mina crouches on the floor in an oversized army green jacket and combat boots.

Source: Dispatch