9 Times Red Velvet Proved They’re Exactly Like Cartoon Network’s We Bare Bears

We Bare Bears is a show on Cartoon Network featuring 3 adorable bears, and the girls of Red Velvet are just like them!

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, it’s that the girls from Red Velvet are super cute. Twitter user rv as we bare bears seems to think so too and couldn’t help but notice that the We Bare Bears bears were similarly cute. rv as we bare bears compiled the following list of times Red Velvet looked just like the We Bare Bears bears.

1. Swagger Glasses

2. Sleepy Times

3. Cute Pouts

4. Cheesy Smile

5. Group Hug

6. Bear Hug

7. Ice Cream

8. Texting

9. Christmas Special

BONUS: Swagger Glasses pt. 2


Source: rv as we bare bears