9 Sexiest Stockings Ever Worn By Idols

Idols have all sorts of ways of looking sexier and fans have noticed that these idols use stockings to great effect.

Girl groups in the K-Pop industry are known for having many different types of concepts, ranging from sweet and innocent to strong and sexy. Many groups, at one time or another, try to spice it up a little and fans have noticed that a very effective way of doing this is the use of thigh-high stockings.

The following pictures are proof that thigh-high stockings are definitely a sexy item:

Cho Hyunyoung

This maknae of former girl group Rainbow is known for her sexy image


She already a super sexy idol, but these stockings finish off the look.

BESTie’s Hyeryung

These white stockings definitely add a unique touch of sexiness to their outfit

BESTie’s Uji

These stockings emphasize her already amazing leg line.

miss A’s Fei and Jia

The difference in color of their stockings adds an extra charm to their outfits.


These printed stockings give off stronger vibe with their garter belt styling.

The lace and garter belt add an element of elegance to her already sexy outfit.


AOA’s Hyejeong