9 Times Idols Have been Absolutely Terrified By Stage Explosions

Pyrotechnics and other exploding props are a planned part of most idols’ shows, but sometimes they still catch idols by surprise, and the results can be quite funny.

Whether it’s during music shows or award ceremonies, fireworks and confetti cannons add an exciting effect to any group’s performance. Idols usually don’t know when to expect the explosion of fireworks, so it tends to catch them off guard. Most are used to it, but here are a few idols that still get scared by those sudden explosions!


GFRIEND‘s Yerin has been seen getting scared by stage explosions on multiple occasions. She must get startled pretty easily!


The sudden fireworks definitely seem to have caught BTS off guard, and Suga‘s face is priceless!

BTS’s V and Block B’s Zico

Those explosions can get pretty loud. It’s clear that V and Zico were definitely caught off guard!

Red Velvet

All of Red Velvet got scared by the explosion of confetti right in front of them, but Joy and Irene really seemed to get a kick out of the fright.

Seventeen’s S.Coups

Seventeen‘s leader S.Coups usually seems calm and collected, but it seems even he got caught off guard by the sudden fireworks.

EXO’s Kai

Even Kai has gotten surprised by stage explosions on a couple of occasions!

Im Changjung

Im Changjung‘s over the top reaction to fireworks going off in the middle of his performance is one for the books.