9 Male Idols Who Took Fanservice A Little Too Far

Skinship is common among idols, but some of these GIFs go way past the innocent touching many are used to.

Fanservice is common among idols. On stage, variety shows, and even in MVs, idols are always seen leaning on or innocently touching each other. Most of the time it’s just cute and fun, but here are a few times when male idols took their skinship to the next level.

C-Clown’s Ray & Rome

C-Clown members Ray and Rome got up close and personal in their choreography for “Far Away, Young Love.”

Block B

In a sketch for SNL Korea, Block B‘s Zico and Kyung had to kiss on the lips!

It looks like Jaehyo isn’t as into skinship as Zico is. The members always try to kiss him because they know he doesn’t like it!

Zico also accidentally kissed U-Kwon while they were playing the paper kiss game!

Teen Top’s Niel & Changjo

The paper kiss game strikes again! Teen Top‘s Niel and Changjo kissed accidentally when the paper slipped away from Niel. Changjo commented afterward that it had been his first kiss.

BTS’s Jimin & J-Hope

Jimin and J-Hope got close during a photoshoot while they were promoting “Danger.”

GOT7’s Jackson & JB

GOT7‘s Jackson and JB also accidentally touched lips while playing the paper kiss game. Clearly, the sudden kiss caught them both by surprise!


T.O.P and G-Dragon kissed for a scene in their parody of Secret Garden!

T.O.P also kissed Seungri in the same parody!


For pepero day, ToppDogg played the pepero game for a chance to be treated to a buffet. Members Gohn and Yano clearly really wanted to win!