9 Photos of Momo In a Crop Top That Will Leave You Breathless

TWICE’s Momo rocks every outfit she wears, and these crop-top inspired looks are truly an inspiration to us all. 

Momo has been showered with praise for her stunning good looks and sweet personality before, and her incredible stage presence has also wow audiences in the past. Momo’s ability to pull off any stage outfit is part of the reason fans can’t get enough! Her incredible figure and awesome style have put Momo as a must-see during performances – especially in these outfits!

This list of incredible crop-top centered looks proves that Momo’s visuals are just no joke.

Take a look at these nine stunning crop top outfits worn by Momo:

1. Crop Top with Sporty Jacket

A sporty outfit that looks great with her fit figure.

2. Laced Up Crop Top with Flirty Pink Jacket

Her bright jacket paired with her black crop-top and shorts is the perfect combination of sweet and sexy.

3. Knotted Crop Top

The electric blue high-waisted shorts give the look a roller-derby feel.
This outfit, plus her sexy stare instantly leaves the fans speechless.

4.Crop Top Jersey with Casual Shorts

A bright, sporty look that is also very casual.

5. Bright Yellow Crop Top Look

This outfit really flaunts her stunning figure.

6. Blue Crop Top (in the rain!)

Momo looks so fit in these outfits.

7. Racerback Style in Black

A simple all-black outfit that really shows off Momo’s sexiness.

8.The Green-Striped Outfit

Another one of those bright outfits that shows off her sweetness.

9. Sheer Pink Dress with Racerback Crop Undershirt

This crop top/sheer dress combination is rather unusual, but Momo makes it look bomb.