9 Loving Times Rain Proved He Is Ultimate Husband Goals

It’s well known that Rain is totally and utterly in love with his wife, Kim Tae Hee.

Even after the papers have been signed, he’s remained the great husband that he promised to be!

Here are 9 reasons why Rain is the next level husband-goal!

1. He professes his love continually. 

Rain’s always out there professing his love for Kim Tae Hee — on an episode of The List, he stated, “She’s so full of grace that she’s a standard for everything.

2. He wrote his own proposal song. 

As everyone suspected, Rain’s “The Best Present” is a proposal song dedicated to Kim Tae Hee.

“When you love, you can’t help but write songs that reflect that love.”

— Rain

3. Anywhere, anytime, he’s there for her. 

Rain was there for Kim Tae Hee like no one else when she was pregnant. Rumor has it that whenever he finished filming for the day, he’d go straight to Kim Tae Hee to be with her. Even if he was located far from their home, and even if he had to make that trip back to the filming set the next morning.

4. He says no to friends’ temptations. 

During a variety show, Rain’s friend tempted him to go clubbing. Rain’s response was priceless and the envy of married women everywhere!

“Don’t even joke about that stuff.

I have to go work, let’s talk later.”


5. He’s always thinking about his wife and kid.

During his trips abroad on the show, Carefree Travelers, Rain got to do a lot of sightseeing. And all he could think about was how Kim Tae Hee and his daughter would love it if they had come!

6. He does his part when it comes to house chores.

When his friend Lee Si Eon joked on I Live Alone that he expects his wife to pack his travel bags, Rain chided him.

“What are you talking about?

I wouldn’t dare… I pack my bags myself.”

— Rain 

7. He carries around photos of his daughter.

Rain’s closest friends have revealed that he’s quick to pull out his phone and show off photos of his beautiful daughter. He always brags about how much she looks like her beautiful mother and that she has double eyelids!

8. He respects his family’s privacy. 

He treasures his family’s privacy as he’s never the one to reveal many details about his wife and his child.

“I’ve thought a lot about talking about my family life.

I’m not sure whether it’s the right thing to do.

My family is the most important thing to me.”

— Rain

9. He’s totally whipped for Kim Tae Hee and he’s proud of it!

“It’s easier if you let go of your desires and put your wife’s interest first. Just let her do her thing. I am whipped, I gotta admit! Life is easier that way.”

– Rain

Rain Confesses He’s A Whipped Husband

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