9 Times TWICE and BLACKPINK Members Were On TV Before Debut

With TWICE and BlackPink‘s rising popularity, more and more fans are starting to find instances when members from these two groups have been seen in MVs for other artists. We’ve already covered a random mix of a few in a previous article, but you can never have too much!

1. TWICE Naeyeon & Jeongyeon

Nayeon and Jeongyeon can both be spotted in GOT7’s “Girls Girls Girls” MV!

You can see Nayeon starting from 0:51 and Jeongyeon at 1:31:

2. TWICE Sana

Sana was the infamous waitress that all the GOT7 members followed around whilst professing their love to in their music video for “A”!

She can be spotted all throughout the MV:

3. TWICE Dahyun, Chaeyeong, Tzuyu & Momo

Dahyun was the amazing someone the GOT7 members kept telling to stop playing around in “Stop stop it”, Chaeyeong, Momo and Tzuyu can be spotted in here as well!

Spot Dahyun pretty much every time there’s no dancing, Chaeyeong at 2:36, Tzuyu at 3:06 and Momo at 3:34:

4. BlackPink Jennie

Long before she was known for her position in BlackPink, she happened to star in G-Dragon‘s “That XX”! Not only was she a part of the MV, she was also the main part of it!

You can see her throughout the whole MV:

5. BlackPink Jisoo

Another star, Jisoo! She played a girl who loved her boyfriend to death and in the end, couldn’t keep their relationship alive in Epikhigh‘s “Spoiler” MV.

You can see her throughout the MV:

6. BlackPink Jisoo…again!

In this MV she also plays the girlfriend of a guy! That guy being iKON’s Bobby in Hi Suhyun‘s MV for “I’m Different”, although she doesn’t appear until the end, she still shines so bright!

See Jisoo starting at 3:04:

7. TWICE Mina, Nayeon, Tzuyu & Chaeyeong

Mina can be seen sitting and drinking a beverage in the background of Miss A‘s “Only You” MV. Nayeon can be seen quickly in the left-hand corner of the party scene and shortly after you can see Tzuyu in the right-hand corner holding a red cup with Chaeyeong standing to her left.

Spot Mina at 1:47, Momo and Mina together at 3:00, Nayeon at 2:41, Tzuyu and Chaeyeong at 2:43

8. TWICE Momo, Mina, Sana

Momo, Mina and Sana can be seen in the Korean version of Junho‘s “FEEL” MV.

Spot them starting at 0:40

9. TWICE Dahyun, Momo & Mina

These three can be spotted dancing in their housemaid outfits in the Japanese version of Wooyoung‘s “R.O.S.E” MV.

Spot them starting at 1:44