9 Unique Things Top K-Pop Idols Are In Charge Of Within Their Group

These idols have some particular skill sets!

Within a K-Pop idol group, different members are responsible for different roles. Some have the responsibility of creating choreography, others are responsible for composing, still others are in charge of…grilling meat? Let’s take a look at some idols who have uncommon responsibilities within their group.


1. GOT7’s BamBam

Despite being one of the few members not originally from Korea, GOT7‘s BamBam makes a mean Korean ramen. Apparently, it’s so good, that the other members put him in charge of making all the ramen within their dorm. Even when they have to travel abroad, BamBam makes sure to pack a few ramens to cook for the team.


2. TWICE’s Jeongyeon + Chaeyoung

Dubbed the “no jam” sisters, TWICE‘s Jungyeon and Chaeyoung are in charge of “no jam.” What is “no jam” you ask? Literally translated to “not fun,”  the two are known to be derpy and silly. Their humor is not for everyone, however, which is how their title came to be!


3. BTS

When BTS went on a Japanese broadcast, they were asked what their roles were within the group.  Suga revealed that his role was to grill meat! His role, however, wasn’t the only unusual one, as V explained that he was in charge of booking the team’s vacations, Jimin was responsible for making the group have fun, J-Hope was in charge of forcing the members to practice choreography, and Jin made sure he reminded everyone to eat.


4. ASTRO’s Cha Eunwoo

Ever since ASTRO made their debut, member Cha Eunwoo has been introducing himself as “Cha Eunwoo in charge of wake-up calls.” Apparently, this is actually true. Because he wakes up earlier than the other members, Eunwoo is in charge of waking up the members of ASTRO.


5. DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon

DIA‘s Chaeyeon has a reputation for being a good drinker, so it’s fitting that her group has put her in charge of keeping their fridge stocked. She revealed in a magazine interview “I’m in charge of filling our house with alcohol. If the bottom drawer in the fridge is empty, something just feels missing.”


Source: 1boon