After 9 years together SHINee still makes decisions using this method

Since their debut, the members of SHINee have relied on this one method of making all of their executive decisions.

Back in 2013 during their “Everybody” promotions, the boys played the game in order to decide who would be wearing lipstick during the encore in order to fulfill their promise.

Even while at the 2014 Golden Disk Awards, the boys were caught playing in order to figure out who would ask the MCs for a sneak peak of the 2014 Daesang winner.

During the 2015 MBC Gayo, SHINee was caught playing in order to see who would have to go up front and dance with the dancers during the finale.

Their most notable game of Rock, Paper, Scissors is from Weekly Idol in 2016 where the five competed to not have to perform aegyo.

From deciding on who should take one for the team to who receives punishment, Rock, Paper, Scissors will continue to be SHINee’s method for all of their decisions.