9MUSES Kyungri confesses men always think she’s flirting with them, unless she does this

9MUSES’ Kyungri confessed that she needs to be careful how she sits when she drinks with men because they always think she’s flirting with them.

Kyungri said if she leans forward or rests her elbow on the table, men often misunderstand and think she’s flirting with them.

She has to sit up straight and stare at them with wide eyes.

She said she “acts like a man” so the men won’t misunderstand and women don’t think she’s trying to steal their boyfriends.

The other members agreed, especially Keumjo, who said she thinks she knows the feeling.

The 9MUSES members were drunk on a season three episode of their variety show NamuCast when they all opened up about their drinking habits.