9MUSES Kyungri confesses that she is upset no male idol flirts with her

Because of her incredible body and mature aura, many fans consider 9MUSES‘s Kyungri one of the sexiest and desirable female idols in the K-pop industry. But while the Star Empire Entertainment singer has a lot of fans who would do anything for a chance to date her, she recently revealed that she’s actually not popular at all with male idols. In fact, on a recent broadcast, Kyungri admitted that no male idols flirt with her, but also added that this upsets her.

kyungri 1
“I mean at least one guy could make a move”

kyungri 2
“But there’s No One?!!!”

kyungri 3
“Do I look scary!!! (Yes… a little bit..)”

kyungri 4
“I’m not scary”

kyungri 5
“When I walk around the hallway fully made up”

kyungri 6
“And I run into people”

kyungri 7
“They don’t pay attention to me at all! I think they’re scared”

kyungri 8
“Because my makeup is always like this!!”

kyungri 9
“I would be happy with them just complimenting me telling me that I look pretty…”

kyungri 10

kyungri 11

Source: Instiz