9MUSES Kyungri shares seductive selfie from her bed with fans

In a recent Instagram post Kyungri has left fans drooling.

9MusesKyungri is known for pulling of dramatic lip and eye looks, as well as her overall beauty. She is an idol who gives off a genuine yet, sexy vibe. Even without make up she’s still a stunner, leaving fans speechless as to her good looks.

Kyungri is thought to be an extremely underrated idol. She is always delivering good fan service as well as taking care of her group.

Recently she uploaded a seductive video to her Instagram blowing little kisses on a bed. She sported a perfect smokey eye and bright lip combo in the video as well as long flowing hair.

Instagram: Kyungri
Instagram: Kyungri

집도착 과 동시에 오늘중 가장 마음에드는 얼굴.. ?

See this Instagram video by @gyeongree * 18.3k likes

Before uploading the video Kyungri said she gained some weight so she quickly lost the pounds and uploaded the video. She is always thinking of ways to show her best self to her fans and that is why she has remained a favorite in the world of underrated idols.

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