9MUSES Kyungri shows why she’s one of the hottest girls in K-pop

9MUSES member Kyungri has many appealing qualities that have been making men go crazy. 

Kyungri is known for her impressive proportions, long legs, and beautiful face. However, her most powerful trait may be her self-confidence.

On a recent broadcast, Kyungri ranked who she considers the top three sexiest female idols in K-pop at the request of comedian Park Narae. After some thinking, she ranked AOA‘s Seolhyun third, HyunA second, and herself at number one.


With how much time Kyungri spends maintaining her body, however, it’s no wonder that she’s proud of how she looks. In addition to having a stunning figure, Kyungri is also known for having incredibly seductive eyes that just drive men crazy.

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Source: MyDaily