A man confessed his love to Joy on TV, here’s how she responded

A mysterious masked man confessed his feelings for Red Velvet‘s Joy, and her reply surprised the audience.

On KBS‘s new variety show, Trick and True,  masked actors present a series of performances, all of which are coordinated by either a magician or scientist (unbeknownst to the audience). After each act, the guests must distinguish the performance as either a simple magic trick or having a legitimate scientific basis.

On an episode of the show, a masked man called Joy to the front of the stage to act as a volunteer. He then revealed his longtime feelings for her and lightheartedly asked if she will accept him if he completes his task. Surprisingly, she immediately exclaimed “No! I don’t want to! I’m not an easy woman!” Taken aback, the man countered with a similar answer, that he too is not an easy man. She then returned with a condition: should he succeed at the task, she will consider it. Should he fail, it will be the end.

Check out the video detailing the hilarious situation below!

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