AB6IX’s Daehwi Confesses He Felt Lost After Wanna One’s Disbandment

It was just as hard for the members as it was for fans.

While Wanna One‘s disbandment had been hard for all the fans who supported the group, it had been even harder on the members. Despite knowing it would come to an end, that didn’t prepare anyone for how it would feel.

Daehwi revealed how deeply the disbandment had affected him when explaining the meaning behind the lyrics of AB6IX‘s “Dandelion” for Talking Lyrics.

Although it might’ve been difficult to talk about that time period, Daehwi didn’t shy away from it, “After [the disbandment] of Wanna One, I was wondering ‘How am I gonna start again?'”

He’d put those feelings of not being able to move on into the lyrics, “I described that moment as wilt.” Comparing himself to a dandelion, he conveyed how it had been a low point for him.

Not only did Daehwi feel lost because of it, but he’d become lonely as well. “Because Wanna One had an end, I thought ‘I will be alone someday.'”

He opened up further by sharing more of his mindset of that time: “I feel so empty, what am I going to do?” Despite having those thoughts, Daehwi was able to overcome those feelings.

He put his heart into AB6IX and receiving the love of ABNEW, rising like a phoenix from the ashes, or a dandelion sprouting once more. “No matter how withered I am, I will ride on that wind and bloom again.”

Listen to Daehwi open up about how difficult it had been for him, along with the song’s lyrics.

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