AB6IX’s Daehwi Thanks BTS & BLACKPINK On KTLA 5’s KCON LA Interview

“They all opened the way for us.”

While visiting Los Angeles for KCON LA 2019, AB6IX‘s Daehwi – who actually was selected to MC the event three years in a row – got a chance to introduce his group and the event during an interview with a local news channel, KTLA 5.


After calling KCON a place where K-Pop artists get to perform and showcase their talents in the United States…

KCON is like a party for K-Pop stars to perform in the United States. It’s our first time in LA as AB6IX and we’re so honored to be here.

— Daehwi


… Daehwi mentioned “seniors” – or “sunbae” groups – like BTS and BLACKPINK to acknowledge that their footsteps “paving the way” have been helpful for junior groups, like AB6IX themselves, to make it to the US.

Seniors like BTS sunbae-nim and BLACKPINK sunbae-nim, they all opened the way of K-Pop to us.

— Daehwi


While the senior groups may have paved the way for fellow K-Pop artists, AB6IX definitely made the most of their time at KCON and completely dominated the stage, gaining new fans all on their own!


Watch Daehwi’s gratitude and excitement-filled interview here: