Here’s How AB6IX’s Donghyun Reacted When a Loyal Fan of 2 Years Pretended They Had Never Met Before

His loyal fan of 2 years totally trolled him at a fan signing.

A loyal fan of AB6IX‘s Donghyun went to a recent fan signing pretending they had never met, and Donghyun’s reaction to it has been shared in various online communities.

The footage starts with Donghyun greeting the fan, and despite his skepticism that they had never met before, the fan continued to joke around to see his reaction.

She was actually a loyal fan who had been following Donghyun around for 2 years, so Donghyun suspiciously asked, “This is your first time as an AB6IX fan, isn’t it?” to which the fan replied, “I’m not a fan.


Donghyun was taken aback by this and responded with, “You’re not? Oh, really?” while still being slightly skeptical.

But Donghyun recognized the fan and protested, “That’s not true. Come on, Noona. Okay, fine. I’ll go along with it.

The fan then called him handsome and he thanked her while also asking, “What kind of act was that? I need an explanation.

Watch Donghyun’s adorable reaction below:

Source: Dispatch